Monday, February 21, 2011

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...


Life is a bit chaotic lately. You know that quote about watching a person in adversity to see their true character? I think that's a dumb quote. I spend as much time as possible HIDING my true cynnical and grumpy character - and when it is more transparent as I struggle through challenges, I would really appreciate if people DID NOT stare. Who came up with that great idea? Apparently someone at the END of their trials.

Not to say that things are bad over here. I'm feeling pretty blessed overall, though struggling to stay positive with my house on the market, an imminent move to a new city, changes in plans (though small, this is NOT a good time for deviation!), a significant financial hit, a barely there or awake husband, and an assertive two year old. I feel very watched over - but also very tired and quite overwhelmed. It's leaving me snappy with the kids, and a bit (translate: a LOT) neurotic about keeping the house spotless at every moment (when feeling stressed, I turn into even more of a mega-control freak - it's not pretty). I've found my tidy standards challenging to uphold, which makes me grouchier. Argh!

I think I'll go to bed now so tomorrow I will have a greater desire to work on that bit about not saying anything at all.


  1. The more stressed out you get the funnier you become and I absolutely love that about you. Call me any time to chat because I know it will be a good time, at least on my end. And come back to my blog and follow me for crying out loud. You were my prized follower.

  2. Ray wonders if I hijacked your blog and wrote a post for you... :)

    Really, the only difference is that my tidy standards are lower than yours.

    Continue to take one day/hour/minute/second/breath at a time. Challenges are easier to take in minute doses.

  3. xoxo. It's hard having the house on the market! Good luck. Hope it sells quickly!

  4. Your true character is so much more beautiful than what you perceive. If you could only see what the rest of us see- a loving, talented, dynamic, intelligent and amazing woman.
    Keep taking one day at a time. Remember that all of this stuff is temporary- your house will sell, the move will be over, your two year old will be in kindergarten before you know it, and one day your husband may even be home (and awake!) more.
    Call me if you need to vent. I miss you.

  5. Don't hide your true emotions. It's refreshing to hear about someone else's problems/grumpiness/cynicism for a change instead of the sound of my own voice. That saying that you can see someone's true character during adversity always makes me feel bad because I think, "Oh no. Is this scary person really who I am?? A person who is grumpy, unfair to her husband, snappy with her kids, disorganized, and resentful??" I hope not. I think we just do the best we can and sometimes just getting through certain parts of life deserves a metal. And I think moving is one of those parts.

  6. I really enjoyed chatting with you the other day! Even if it was us complaining about the crazy/stressful times in our life. You are a strong and amazing lady and I know you will make it through... and even find some humor in it! :)