Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Search for Happiness

I read somewhere a couple weeks ago that people report greater happiness when their thermostats are set to 66 degrees overnight. No joke: the secret to happiness resides in your thermostat. Not one to overlook an opportunity for happiness, I immediately reset my thermostat. For the past two weeks, I report that I have felt chilly. I have slept, huddled in a ball, shivering. I'm not sure if I'm extra happy, or not, because I'm awake most of the night trying to warm up - which makes me groggy all day. I'm afraid the study might be flawed.

You might be aware that I have, what some people (John) may call "bed issues." In order to sleep well, the following must be strictly adhered to:
  1. The bed must be made before climbing in, even if that means making the bed at 10:30pm.
  2. The sheets must be aligned straight in the bed. All. Night. Long. The whole bed, not just my side.
  3. There must be just the right balance of sheet/blanket weight on the bed. There is no scientific formula to determine this weight - I alone know the right balance.
  4. Jersey sheets are not permitted, as they are not sleep conducive. They stretch.
  5. Fleece sheets are not permitted either. They bunch.
  6. No touching when sleeping. There are four corners to a bed. Pick one and stay there.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been rather cold lately, in my quest for happiness. As you can see from rules 3, 4, 5, and 6, there are several impediments that can make it difficult to stay warm. But - I am happy to report, I found the solution at Costco yesterday. My thermostat is still set at 66, but I am now sleeping warm and cozy all night long.

Cozy, warm, pilling
I love my flannel sheet
My feet don't freeze
My hands aren't numb
A sleep inducing treat

Gentle luxury surrounds
Under and over me, too
Rules no more
Chill-zones be gone
At last, happiness is true.

I'll report back and let you know how my happiness grows now that my thermostat is properly set and I have my flannel sheets. I'm anticipating greatness. What about you - what makes you happy?


  1. What makes me happy? This post.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one with bed issues. Paul will enjoy this post as much as me, I think.
    Thank yourself that you have not tried satin sheets, at least you did not comment on them. It's like trying to sleep on a slip and slide. You slide, they slide- it's not pretty. We (yes, this was a project we both worked on) even sewed the fitted sheet to the flat sheet to get them to stay put but no, that didn't work. Paul has suggested we cut our sheets in half and sew our favorite sheets together but I cannot stand the thought. We have not tried flannel. YET.
    Final thought: 66 degrees? You are more gullible than I thought.

  2. Clean sheets make me happy! We change them infrequently (TMI?) so every time I do change them it makes me smile and think I should do this more often!

  3. I'm with camie- your posts make me happy!!
    I'm willing to give the 66 degrees a try (68 is too warm for me lately.) I've been eye-balling the flannel sheets- guess maybe I'll have to try a set soon! They do look comfy.
    I'm so glad you found such bliss in your new sheets. I'm hoping the happiness lasts and that you continue to sleep well (because we all know SLEEP is what makes people happy! If people don't believe it, they can try going without it... lol)

  4. I agree with all of your preferences. Tyler laughs at me. But he has stopped trying to fight it. After 7 1/2 years. I prefer to sleep in a cool room, with that perfect weight of covers on top, but my girls kick off their blankets and wake up cold all through the night, which defeats the purpose. Worth the trade off.

    And sleeping in makes me happy. Waking up at 10am is pure bliss. And rare.

  5. MY happiness quotient is NOT 66 degrees. I am NOT happy when I'm cold. I like my thermostat at 71. I should live in Hawaii.

    Chocolate makes me happy. Happy, obedient, not-teasing-each-other kids make me happy. This week what makes me happiest is that after 6 weeks of 4-day travel weeks, Ray is only traveling 1.5. He will be home about midnight tonight. Yippee!!

  6. The day of your post I woke up in a ball of sweat, and it was a steamy 61 degrees in the house. So when I read this post I almost gagged.

    What makes me happy my white sheets, they're my highest thread count, able to be bleached, and for some reason I love the hint-o-bleach mixed with Gain orginal scent is just pure bliss to my nose.

    What makes me happy that's not related laundry or sheets. Eating with pretty vintage flatware. I don't know why but it just makes me feel like a princess, especially when Hallie makes me get the stemware out as well.

  7. *I gagged at teh 66 degrees, not the post in general. The post was lovely.

  8. Okay, I'll jump on the bandwagon...your posts make me super happy, too Oh, that and egyptian cotton. Not that I own egyption cotton. I just like to say egyptian cotton. It makes me happy. And to sing about egyptian cotton. Ever seen "Uptown Girls"? Yes, "sheets of egyptian cotton". Now how can anyone not be happy about that?!?