Thursday, October 7, 2010

Now I Know My ABC's

Little Camryn should be getting a package in the mail TODAY. When her mom opens it up, this is what she'll see:

I'm pretty pleased. So pleased, in fact, I considered keeping it. I think I would have, too, except that I couldn't figure out what I'd DO with it, as no one in my house is baby-sized or looking for a sweet quilt to hang on their wall. Nevertheless, it tore my heart out to send it away. Its been in various pieces and stages around my house for quite some time now.

For now, I have no quilt hanging over me, begging to be finished, and life is quieter and less guilt ladden. Hopefully Camryn will like it. If not, that's okay, too. As much as I made it for her, I did it for me, too. I needed a challenge: something longer-term to sweat over and create. It's not the quilt I love so much, as the fun of planning, designing and making it come together. I can do it again. Maybe.

Next project? Purging burp cloths, bibs, and newborn socks from my 2-year-old's room. I'm a little behind. Truthfully? I think I'd rather work on the quilt.


  1. Love, love, love it!! I clicked on the picture just to be able to see it in better detail. It really turned out great!
    Burp cloths, bibs and socks can wait- go find another project you'll enjoy!!

  2. She does LOVE it Aunt Erin and so do mom and dad! We will love you FOREVER for all of your hard work and talent! You are wonderful... but then again you already knew that :)

  3. Gorgeous. Fantastic. Amazing. This describes the quilt, and you.

    I'm thinking you could make a project for me... ;)