Monday, September 13, 2010

A Few Good Days

Its been awhile. I've had intentions of updating, I really have...and I've even had lots of profound thoughts. Unfortuntely, they're over now and I've forgotten. You'll have to settle for a few highlights from our mundane lives:


Booster officially hit the terrible twos. Lucky for us, she's an accelerated child, so its been more of the same. We celebrated with our favorite 17 year old, who shares the same birthday.

We were worried Cody might not appreciate a rainbow themed party, but he was a good sport.

At the end of the month, John and I hit our 10 year anniversary. I'd love to discuss our bliss, but you might gag. I might, too. To celebrate, we went on a long bike ride without the kids, then out for a sub-par meal (we had a coupon). While our love has surely blossomed over the years, the effects of our blossoming waistlines were also noted: it was confirmed that we aren't in the same shape we were in 10 years ago. Apparently some things have changed, and not for the better...but all in all, we think we're doing pretty well.

Lu turned 8!

It was the birthday that NEVER ended, celebrated three times: on her birthday at home, with my family in Oregon, and then again in September. She said eight times would have been more appropriate. We're glad she knows how to dream big.

The whole family went to Black Butte Ranch in central Oregon and met up with my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, and nephew. It had been too long since we were all together, and it was great, complete with biking, swimming, games, and a frantic call to the Search and Rescue. Let it be known: Bodmers know how to keep life exciting.

We came home and school started.

I have a third grader and a kindergartener, and only ONE home in the afternoon. I'm occasionally somewhat nostalgic about having two gone in the day, but then I remember that they're GONE, and I get over it. Lovely, I tell you. I highly recommend it.

Lu was baptized the beginning of the month. I'd show you a picture of how sweet she looked, but while I remembered flowers, cookies, and programs, I did not remember a camera. You can draw one: her hair is brown and really curly, and the dress was white. See? Don't you feel like you were there now? Anyhow, in spite of the lack of tangible memories, it was a good day. She wore the dress I wore when I was baptized. The service was great, complete with Booster's loud, running commentary. My parents and John's family joined us. I fed them.

This is a picture of my fridge:

This ia a picture of my fridge on steroids:
Any questions?

This weekend I planned and prepared food to feed 100 women for the Relief Society Broadcast (thanks so much to everyone who helped; cheesy though it sounds, I really could NOT have done it without you). It takes a lot of food to feed 100. I'm still shaking from the experience. My fridge is now bare, the dishes are done, and I'm thinking of how to improve for next time. The good news: I see no next time in the foreseeable future. The bad news: I don't think I'll find any motivation to cook anything other than oatmeal for the next month. Lucky for me, my kids like oatmeal.

Other stuff you might care about?
We had a painter/handyman come out and take a look at a few things as we prepare the house to go on the market next spring. He informed me that our outside color scheme was sub-par. As we needed the shutters and some of the siding painted anyway, I let him convince me to change things up a bit...and I have since discovered he was right. It looks so much better (and to think - I didn't even know it was bad...). Anyway, I love it - and the kids loved him. Seriously, they cried on his last day. It was as if he became part of the family for the days he was here. If you find you need a handyman or painter, let me know.

Yesterday, my brother's first baby was born. Welcome, Camryn! I've been making her a quilt for the past five months, which I hope to finish sometime before she can sing her ABC's. I confess to praying Danielle would be the first human woman pregnant for over a year, so I might finish the quilt before Camryn was born. Alas, all prayers are not answered as I hope. Camryn is here; the quilt is in pieces.

It's a design I always wanted to make but never did because I thought it would be more work than I'd be motivated to finish. I should have listened to my inner-wisdom.

In conclusion
We're doing well. We're boring, but flying by the seat of our pants because things have been so busy. Still not sure how that works. If I figure it out, I'll get back to you. Until then - catch you again in another 3-4 months??


  1. Ah, family Black Butte time! It's the best. We probably just missed you, we were there for a couple weeks at the beginning of August. Looks like you had a nice summer!

  2. Glad to see you posting again! I hope you're able to use some of your newfound "extra" time to continue sharing your life with us this way. I love all the pics and your running commentary. You make me smile!

    I think you might have maxed out your fridge. I'm glad it (and you) survived!!

    PS- There were a lot of comments about wanting the recipe for the salad, just in case you feel like sharing...

  3. THE QUILT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! We are very excited to see the final product and so is Miss Camryn! Your hard work is noticed and we appreciate it. Thanks for the advise... it really helped :)

  4. Since I'm too grouchy to call you here's a few comments.
    1. Love your new family photo!
    2. Your youngest...where did she come from? Your kids look so different from one another. They're all darling. Can't believe how grown up your 8-year old is!
    3. Nice before and after of the fridge. Now show me the before and after of your house. I love paint. Always have.
    4. Fun ABC quilt! Especially love the next, rainbow, radish, dragonfly and egg. The egg...what a clever idea!
    5. Please share the recipes (Patty would really appreciate it, so would I).
    6. This post was LONG overdue. Please don't make me wait so long next time.

  5. My comment needs approval? What's that all about?

  6. Wow! You've been busy! And it looks like a lot of fun. I'm interested in what was for the RS Broadcast food. What did you make for 100 ladies?

  7. Your baby is two?! That makes me sad, because it emphasizes just how long we've been gone. She was still pre-walking when we moved... :(

    Happy anniversary and birthdays and all that fun stuff, especially congrats to R on her baptism!

    Sounds like a great family vacation, though the frantic call to Search and Rescue is a story begging to be told...

    I adjusted quite quickly to the balance of nostalgia and freedom of having all my kids in school. Each new phase requires some more adjustment (Sarah going to college, for instance), but I certainly enjoy my time alone!

    And you are wonder woman extraordinaire cooking for so many women! Please share the recipes.

    Love you, friend!