Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He Matched!

Today we found out that John matched for his fellowship training. That means that in July 2011, he'll begin his final three years of specialization. He matched at Ohio State in Columbus. I'm still trying to process it all; I can't decide how I feel.

I know I'm happy that John gets to train where he really wanted to - an excellent program and super personality match for him. Yea for John; he finally gets to be a real Buckeye! And I really like Columbus - it has an awesome zoo (I love zoos!) and an affordable major airport, a temple, great park system, is close to Hocking's a terrific city.

Another part of me feels really sad. Change and me are not good bedfellows. I thrive in a very boring, predicable, controlled environment. Several months ago, I (mostly) accepted it was most likely that we'd be moving for fellowship (NOT the original plan, mind you). But accepting the change, now that it's official, seems to be another matter, made more difficult by the fact that it's an entire year away (too early to actually plan for or do anything about the move, other than anticipate what it might, or might not, be like).

I hate to say goodbye to good friends (again), change schools (I can't say enough good things about our schools here), find somewhere new to live (buy? rent? and WHERE exactly?)...moving is hard on so many levels: new doctors, hair stylists, parks to find, friends to seek out, children to console as they, too, have to start over.

Then I remember that THIS IS IT - the final stretch in his training, and I remember that I should be very excited that we're this close to the end - and get to do it in such an exciting place - and I'm grateful.

Now you know. That's where we're going, and that's how I feel about it. So you decide - congrats or condolences?