Thursday, May 13, 2010


The girls and I have been reading Stuart Little lately. We just read the part where Stuart's family rescues the hurt bird, Margalo. What a great story, to nurse a bird back to health: a childhood dream for many, I'm sure.

So, you won't believe what happened tonight. I was walking across the backyard when a gray blob jumped across my path. Upon closer examination, I discovered it was (drumroll, please...) a hurt baby bird: our very own Margalo! Further back in the yard, I found a nest, so it appears this bird was rock-a-bye-bird-ing in the has never been my favorite nursery rhyme.

I fixed a little bed in a cardboard box, borrowed some birdseed from a neighbor, and put water in a small plastic lid, then called the girls to come meet their new (and only) pet. I warned them that he is hurt, so he might die anyhow, but that we'd do our best to help. Lu, my sensitive boob, began to cry at the thought of the bird dying. I was very sympathetic, and threatened to put the bird back out in the yard for a raccoon or cat to snack on tonight, if she didn't stop crying. She stopped. That probably wasn't very nice of me.

Anyhow, now we have a bird. In the book, they put it in a fern, on the top of a bookshelf, and the bird gets better quickly, then flies away. Do you think it'll be that simple? I'm realizing I might be in over my head, because,

1. I'm really not much of an animal person,
2. I know even less about birds,
3. We've never had a pet aside from a fish (which died), and
4. I don't know anything about being a nurse, even to humans.

All that aside, we're going to try to nurse Margalo back to health. Anyone ever done this before? E.B. White doesn't exactly give a step-by-step you have any tips???


  1. I don't know Erin, but that nice green towel is going to have some nasty white spots on it soon, I'm sure. You are too kind.
    btw - we have four baby bunnies and a mama duck with 10 eggs all under one of our front trees! We should start a nature preserve.

  2. I love everything about this post. It somehow reminds me of me- I would totally get my child to stop crying that way (music to my ears that I'm not the only meanie) and your stellar nursing skills remind me of mine. Good luck little birdie!