Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leftovers, Anyone?

Tonight for dinner I spent a fair amount of time preparing a meal I was certain would not only be tasty, but balanced and attractive (laugh all you want, but I get excited about color, shape, and texture variety on the plates...):
  • Meatloaf with dipping sauce
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Spinach Salad with blueberries and bleu cheese

You should understand, that John hates meatloaf. I'm not sure what his mom put in his growing up, but the mere mention of the word makes his skin crawl. I didn't know this fact the first time I made meatloaf after we were married. That was an all out disaster - I thought it would be "fun" to go grocery shopping together, so off we went to Smith's. John and I argued about nearly every purchase - he thought I was making too-expensive selections, so I finally let him call the shots. He bought 70% lean ground beef. A few days later, I made what was supposed to have been meatloaf, but really it was just a small submarine patty of beef, floating in an ocean-pan of grease. The memory has cured me of the meatloaf itch for many years now. That, and the desire to ever grocery shop with my husband again.

Tonight John is working late (I knew he'd miss dinner), and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make meatloaf again. It can be hard to come up with things to eat every night, and I was anxious to find something new to add to the dinner rotation.

Stupid, stupid, Erin.

I liked it (the meatloaf). That's one vote out of five. I am also the only one who ate any of it. The meatloaf had gross sauce (any sauce to Bug is gross) and was too meaty, according to Lu. Booster just threw it on the floor. I'm sure she would have liked it, had she given it a try. The potatoes, I was informed, would have been tasty - without the garlic flavor, and the salad was ruined because of something stinky. I can only assume they meant the cheese?

Now I have a complete dinner which is nearly untouched. I don't mind meatloaf, but I really don't need to eat 2 lbs. of beef by myself. What in the world am I supposed to do with it? Why didn't someone tell me that if I wanted to eat something other than macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, or chicken nuggets, that I should never have had children (or a husband, for that matter...)?


  1. Sounds to me like you have the perfect opportunity to have some friends over for lunch (or dinner)! Make mac n' cheese for the kids and let the adults enjoy your wonderful meal. It's a built-in play date for your kids and guaranteed adult conversation time for you! (If John is home for dinner tonight, let him choose which menu he'd prefer. lol)

    Meatloaf is hard to get "right" and most of my family doesn't like it, either. It is not a frequent meal on our menu.

    And I did a double-take with your shopping experience. Ray and I learned very early in our marriage NOT to shop together, especially for groceries. We have since learned how to do that, but we each had to figure out the intricate steps of how to compromise with our shopping habits. It was just easier for one of us to do it alone for the first half of our marriage!

  2. I made that same mistake about a month ago and was eating leftovers for days. What is so wrong with meatloaf!! I tell you I no longer put much of any effort to cook nice things when Kevin is not here. It is so frustrating!

  3. So glad I stopped by tonight to see all your new writing, Erin!

    Maybe next time you could do meatballs instead of meatloaf. They are cuter, I think. I don't know... I would have liked your meatloaf.


  4. I love meatloaf, but never make it. lol You have made me, yes- even with the disaster of a tail you told, want to make meatloaf...soon! (when I am not sleep deprived HA!)
    I am sorry your family doesn't appreciate all the hard work you place into meal making. I am always open to leftover being dropped off at my house! Sadly, since I am working 3rd shift, I won't answer the door when you come by though. (what's new eh? lol) I will be in my room wearing ear plugs, a sleep mask and hopefully making some awesome snoring sounds. :)
    I am so glad you haven't given up on life, or your children and husband! I do love reading your posts. Maybe try some new dipping sauces for your chicken nuggets or put blue cheese in the mac n cheese next time and you will turn them off of it for a while. ;-)

  5. I love reading your posts! And I enjoy a good meatloaf. I think that whole dinner sounds delicious. Hopefully someday your kids will appreciate it!

  6. I LOVE meatloaf!! You should have called me!

  7. This has been posted for almost a week before seeing it! Paul will not touch meatloaf. We only eat it when he's on call so you should have invited us over! Meatloaf sandwiches are great. I hope you had them all week long. As far as spinach salad with blue cheese and blueberries goes- that's one of my favorites! Your kiddos taste buds will mature. I hope they learn to appreciate the chef in you.

  8. Mmmm. Meatloaf.

    If I ever go shopping with Tyler(and by that I mean never), I ask him to go get an item from the list and that it takes him as long to get that one thing for me to get the rest of the list--and he comes back with all kinds of great deals that sit in the fridge/pantry until way past the expiration date.

    And my sign in word was almost spaghetti. Hmmm.

  9. Is there anything more frustrating than working hard on a delicious meal only to have the kiddos complain? I got so sick of it that we made Grateful Day at our house. The real jist is that nothing gets done for them so they get to learn to be grateful for what they usually have. On our first (and last) Grateful Day I called them to dinner and nothing was on the table. I explained why we were having Grateful Day. They got all teary-eyed, and worried that they would starve, they apologized and said they would never do it again. I let them grab their own dishes and something from the leftovers in the fridge that night. Now, the suggestion of another Grateful Day reminds them to not complain about what I do for them!