Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Eggs

I'm not naturally a crafty-sort-of-girl. I don't seek out crafts. In fact, I normally hide from them. Unfortunately for me, I have two daughters who think they have touched Heaven when presented with crafts. I'm praying the third daughter will prefer reading a book in bed during a rainstorm. I totally get that.

I diverge. Anyhow, because I DO love my daughters, when a friend emailed me a fun Easter egg craft which didn't look especially complicated, I decided to brave my way into the crafting world. She didn't mention in her email, by the way, that SHE DIDN'T TRY THE CRAFT. SHE DIDN'T PLAN TO MAKE IT WITH HER KIDS BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE A NIGHTMARE. I guess she just thought that I,the un-crafty one should be the guinea pig. Would have been nice to know, don't you think?! So, anyways, in naivety, I figuratively cut out and pasted a large construction paper smile on my face, then announced to the kids that I had a special surprise for them after dinner.

It looked/sounded simple enough. The idea was to glue little strips of fabric all over plastic Easter eggs. Nothing could break, stain, or require intricate alignment. Perfect!

See! Here we are:

And here:

What you don't see in the pictures, is me, covered in glue, trying to keep Booster out of the glue, and contorting my body in strange ways to take a picture without spreading said glue all over camera, while maintaining camera at arms-length in order to keep it out of gluey toddler fingers. Does that sound complicated? It should. It was very challenging.

And so, I resorted to bribery. Even little people know that chocolate is always better than glue.

Unfortunately, chocolate doesn't last forever. And gluing fabric on eggs is harder than it looks. Seriously. The kids had glue dripping from their elbows. The newspaper was sticking to them, and everytime they touched the eggs to add a new square of fabric, they pulled off three formerly adhered pieces with their stickier-than-glue fingers.

Being the generous soul that I am, I told them it was okay to quit if they were getting discouraged. My kids are not known for their desires to endure in the face of opposition - and yet, they persevered. I could have cried.

Did I mention the chocolate was eaten too quickly? And decoupage is NOT as easy as it looks? And I wanted to quit? Finally, after an hour, and three eggs each, Lu and Bug called it a night. I pretended to look disappointed. I might have fooled them, but I probably didn't; I lept for joy.

I tucked them in bed. I kissed their sweet heads, then I spent the next two hours on the remaining dozen eggs. Lucky, lucky me.

If you come to visit, this is what you'll see on top of my piano:

I'm not entirely sure if I like my Easter eggs, but I'm pretty sure that's beside the point. We made them, and up they go. So, if you have a great craft that you think my family should try, please let me know. I'm open to all (tried and true) suggestions. Remember, I am not your average crafter: I am far, far, FAR below average. I am sub-par.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take advantage of the rainy day...


  1. I totally think you're back in the running for mother of the year!

  2. Love it, love it, love it, you crafty lady, you. Next time I'll bring the chocolate!

  3. I think they look great! I love reading your posts!

  4. Oh, Erin, you made me laugh till I cried. You are such a trooper to sit up finishing all those eggs. I would have swept the whole mess straight into the garbage can.

    Actually, our un-craftiness started with a paper-making incident, if I recall correctly...

  5. If those are the same eggs that were in the basket when I was over then guess what?? I LOVE them!! They are really cute!
    I wonder if it would have been easier to use super glue (but only on the ones you did yourself.. it would have the opposite effect if you let the girls use it!!)