Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet George

This is George. He lives in our front yard. We made him today. Please notice his straight, spiky, hair. That's how you can tell he's a fake, and not my biological child. The girls in the photo, however, are my children. They're beginning to drive me crazy. We have made glittery valentines and chocolatey cookies, watched a movie, and played in the snow. I'm exhausted. I think we need to have school tomorrow, or they're going to have to spend the whole day creating George's cousins. All by themselves. That's all I have to say about that.


  1. Snow days can be very LONG days! At least the girls are having fun.

    We made mini cinnamon rolls, played a game, watched a movie, and some of the girls have friends over. Fun snow day!

  2. I love George. But I don't envy you the snow. It's much easier to take the kids to the park and let them wear themselves out instead of wearing you out. Give me an Arizona winter and I'm a happy momma.

  3. Cute snowman! I guess you don't want to hear that we might get more snow on Sunday...