Monday, February 1, 2010

I am Woman, See Me Create

Would you like to come over and use my bathroom? Please. Just in case you're wondering, before people come over I nearly always clean my bathroom. And in case you're wondering, NO ONE, my mother-in-law excepted, has asked to use my bathroom in the past two years. What's with you people? Don't you need to go? I can't last an hour without peeing!

It's really okay with me if you don't need to go - but not only are you missing out on that fine, Pine-sol clean smell, but you are missing all the hardwork I've put into redoing my bathroom. Its been a long road (still not done - the kids keep breaking the toilet paper roll out of the wall), but I'm pretty close now. The last detail that I was actively trying to finish was to figure out what to hang on the wall. I'm frugal and picky, which equals a rather daunting task when it comes to redecorating. But I did it!

A little while ago, my friend Emily posted about her kitchen remodel. She is so creative and fun, so I decided I must copy her. You can visit her blog to see what Emily did, and then look to see my in the bathroom.

I wish I had a before photo.

I love my bathroom now, and I really love my wall-mounted-art-square-things. But even more than I love my walls, I loved being creative. It was only cork board, staples, and fabric, but it's pretty, and I DID IT!

There is something so satisfying about creating. Elder Uchtdorf gave an address at the Relief Society women's broadcast a year (or two??) ago, talking about the innate need for women to create. I love having apostles on the earth who are inspired to know what we need to hear. He is so right!

I think that's lots of why I love holidays - it's a chance to be creative with baking, cooking, decorating. I enjoy quilting, and I think this blasted blog thing is great as I get to create with words. Creation makes me feel inspired, accomplished, and capable. Who doesn't need that boost?

Only problem, is that now I don't have a creative project. And most of the time, they're overwhelming to start, which is why I don't do them more often. Nevertheless, I need to come up with one.

So...what have you created lately that made you feel great? Any ideas for me?


  1. I LOVE your bathroom! It's so pretty! Wanna come work on decorating my house as your next project? Your creativity actually has helped at my house too... some of my best wall art are the two projects we've made at "Enrichment" meetings!
    I love the idea of a blog being something "creative"... I hadn't really thought of it that way. Now I don't feel so bad about not doing much else (like quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, etc, etc!!)

  2. I am definitely coming over with a full bladder! Very nice. Where did you buy the cork board? I'm thinking that would look so much better in my basement bathroom than what I have there! I may need to hit JoAnn's soon :)

  3. O.k, just for the record, I used your bathroom!! And, I used it in the "before" stage! I love it! You did a great job! Now, can you come and re-do my bathrooms. Decorating is not my strong point!

  4. Outta my way...I gotta PEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    I did use your bathroom, but it was the one downstairs. =\

  5. I completely agree with you on the creating thing. A friend & I do a monthly staff craft after school for our teacher friends.( We did your genealogy tree last year, it was a HUGE hit!) It's so much fun to work with our hands, talk and let go of the day. Congrats on the bathroom!

  6. That is a very pretty blue color, and I like the squares too! Nice work!

    As for projects... hmmm... the only projects I have right now are picking up toys and cleaning the house. Maybe someone else will have an idea for you!

  7. Beautiful! You are a creative genius.

  8. Love it. Now go create a baby.

  9. Pretty! My ugly bathrooms are on the list--after finishing the kitchen and painting the kids rooms. And that requires uninterupted time. I don't have that. So, I am working on a felt playhouse for over a card table. Maybe it'll be done in 5 or 6 months. Maybe not. (It's not suppose to take that long.)

  10. So we are all about to create a puddle from laughing so hard at your post. May we PLEASE use your bathroom right now? And we will be sure our boys put in all their best with their "aim."