Monday, November 2, 2009

Haiku at 5:00am

I'd really like sleep
But the babe wakes too early
Curse daylight savings

I think I shall move
Hawaii, Guam, Samoa?
Sun, surf, no time change

Alas, I'm stuck here
I hope we sleep better soon
I guess I'll get up


  1. Great haiku! I hope you and the baby get more sleep soon!

  2. I'm so sorry! Darn that blasted early morning waking!!
    Is it wrong for me to be glad that Aimee is sick so we didn't have to get up for seminary today? It was soooo nice staying in bed! In my own defense, though, I am taking care of her and hoping she gets better quick, even if it means resuming our 4:45am schedule. Ugh. You can always join us at the church at 5:30 if you're up anyways!

  3. You know Erin, Arizona does not participate in day light savings time! We would love to have you...

  4. LOVED the Haiku!! Still laughing!! You should write a book...Haiku's for Children (A Sequel to Leave It to Psmith). I would definitely buy a hard copy but would hope for an autographed copy.

  5. WOw, I don't think I could write a haiku at all much less at the crack of dawn. You have skillz.