Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trying to Stay Calm...and Failing

I need to vent or I might start crying, and I can't do that today. Sometimes there just isn't time for tears. Yesterday Lu's school called to let me know she had a temperature of 102.2, and would I please come pick her up. I did. She proceeded to get sicker throughout the day. I had already committed to take a pot of soup to the teacher appreciation luncheon today, so I worked last night after the kids were in bed, getting everything ready so I could throw it together in the morning; it would just have to simmer. I didn't know what the morning woudl bring, and wanted to be prepared.

This morning, Lu's fever is at 102.8 and she is so dizzy she can't walk without holding onto the wall. John says she has the flu, probably swine flue, based on these and other symptoms. But I still need to get soup to school.

On his way home from work this morning, John calls anti-viral medication into the pharmacy. When he walks in the door, I put Booster down for a nap, and take my bungee-corded closed crock pot of soup to school. I leave the big girls home, with the doors locked, while John settles in for a short nap (he's been working since 7:30 last night; it's now 10:00am).

Bungee cords are useless when a crock pot falls on it's side. That's what I learned. I learned it when I turned into the school's parking lot. I went inside to let them know that the soup was now being absorbed by my car's mats, but that I didn't flake on them. Nevertheless, there would be no soup for them. Sorry, teachers. I feel really bad; it was good soup.

Then I left for the pharmacy. When I arrived I was informed that Walgreens (all of them within a 25-mile radius) are out of anti-virals. Sorry. Did you know you have only 24 hours from the onset of symptoms to get the anti-viral medication into the patient for it to be effective? Nice.

Oh, and John is leaving this afternoon to head out of town for a conference. He needs to sleep, so I offered to pack his bag, make a lunch, and drive him to where he's picking up the charter bus. I'm happy to do it, but with the turn of events, it's just one more thing. And I'll have to pack his bag in the dark (so as not to wake him up) and do it while trying to keep Booster quiet ("Dad-EEE!" repeated over and over again is not sleep conducive).

And parent-teacher conferences are this evening. But now I'm not going, because my sitter doesn't want to risk the flu. Which I totally understand, but...

It's only 11:13. The day is young, and so far it's not off to a good start. I think I might cry. But I know I won't, because first I need to find a way to shampoo my car with a sick kid and a baby in tow. And pack John's bag, and deal with the rest of this day.

I finished a really interesting book last night, in portion, about Judo. Judo commands total calm and balance in one's life. Obviously, I didn't absorb much of what I read. To quote an old movie, "Oh, no, I suck again!"


  1. I. AM. SO. SORRY!
    Can I bring over dinner tonight? (Sadly, that's the best thing I can think of to offer at this point.)
    Email me and let me know! Love ya!

  2. Wish I was there and could help you out. It seems when there are days like this sometimes you just have to kneel, then grit your teeth to keep the tears a bay. I'll do the only thing that I can do, pray for strength for you and health for your poor little one. Love you

  3. Something is definitely going around this week, and it isn't just the flu. Everyone I know (including myself) has had one of these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days this week!

    I hope you are able to accomplish what you need to do today and that your daughter feels better soon - and doesn't pass it to everyone else.

    Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. You are admired and loved, even on your bad days.

  4. Ugh!! I am so sorry. What a horrible day so far! I hope that little one get's feeling better, that no one else gets sick, and that John's clothes will at least match a little. :) Sorry, but thinking of what might end up in his suitcase as you pack in the dark did give me a little giggle.
    I will send prayers your way! I KNOW that helps, because I've felt the difference with our little trial we've been facing.

  5. I am so sorry-- you get the award for the crappiest day ever. If you need any help while John is gone let me know.

  6. Oh my, that's a terrible day. Next time I think I'm having a bad day, I'll remember this day of yours. I'm so sorry. How are you doing now? I think you handle it all so well.

  7. Ah ha ha ha ha.

    I love your stories. Thanks for sharing. But the story of your sprained ankle, the middle child's potty accident, and the eldest's vomiting reaction still tops the list. (see, you feel better already 'cuz you remember how awful that one was. =)

    Boy do I miss you.

  8. I'm so sorry I haven't been on to read blogs until now... I would have happily have helped shampoo your car or run errands or something!
    I hope the rest of your week went better and that things have started calming down.
    I agree with Mama D... this week has been one of those weeks and when I found my basement flooded twice from different sources all I could do is laugh as I pushed the water toward the drain at 10:30 last night. It's either laugh or cry.
    I sure wish I had known what was going on so I could have helped.

  9. Yikes, girl! What a day! I hope things are better now.

    I passed through your neck of the woods the other day (give or take an hour) and it was BEAUTIFUL! The leaves were so gorgeous and I never knew your state was so pretty. I guess I just never thought about it.

  10. Oh, Erin. Yuck. I hate days like those. The soup all over the car truly sounds like something I would do. And I HATE trying to keep kids quiet while the husband sleeps! At least mine is a pretty deep sleeper, but still. Swine flu = no fun. The good thing about a really bad day is that the next day has got to be better. :)

  11. Erin, I've been thinking about you. I hope things are looking brighter now that a few days have passed. Hang in there!

  12. First: Loved the last post, and I remember going to Old Man's Cave when I was a kid! And I was scared. I thought it was spooky. But your adventure looked fun, fun, fun!
    2nd: Sorry. I think my least favorite thing is sick kids. And then to have everything else! You are a trooper!