Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Is It: An Invitation

DISCLAIMER: In my last post I tried to express my utter frustration at the way stay-at-home Moms are treated. in this post, I am proving - through my own idiosyncracies - why these stereoypes just might be warranted.

Tonight John informed me that our family now celebrates half birthdays. It must be quite the coincidence that HIS is coming up. On the same day as a major Ohio State football game. Not-so-coincidentally, is the fact that John will not be working on this all important half birthday, and so he will celebrate. At the game.

I'm totally fine with that. He should be able to do something he enjoys. He's been working a lot of extra hours and saving up. But using his half-birthday as an excuse? Come on!

Then I got to half-birthday is coming up, too. I'm really good at games, and decided I could play the unbirthday game, too. Unfortunately, there won't be any off-Broadway shows in town on my half-birthday. Lucky for me, I figured out how to change the rules, and now I'm going to celebrate on my quarter birthday (or somewhere around there...). It works, right? I've been trying to decide how to commemorate my all-important milestone. And I figured it out.

I really want to go see "This Is It". I'm not sure why I am so obsessed, but I have totally jumped on the Michael Jackson hoopla bandwagon. To my credit, I started getting back into him before he announced the tour, well before his death... but still. Michael Jackson??? I know, it's embarrassing. But I really want to see it. I never go to the movies. Seriously, like, once a year I hit the dollar theatre. But "this is it"! I have to see it.

So here's the deal: I'm going to go see "This Is It" in early November. But I don't want to go all by myself. Since we're now celebrating half- and quarter-birthdays at my house, I've decided to throw myself a big bash. Not really, but I am going, and I'd love company. Anyone want to come? Seriously?

PS Lest I get too excited and begin planning something bigger and better (hard to beat, I know)for next year, John says we will not be celebrating half-birthdays again next year. Hmmm.


  1. Shoot, I totally missed celebrating my half-birthday. So, not a huge fan of MJ, but you know AZ is delightful in November, maybe you can convince him that it's very important that you see said movie in AZ, and come visit us and the Williams too....sounds nice to me any way.

  2. I'm not a huge MJ fan either, but it sounds like a great excuse for a visit to OH! Wouldn't it be nice if the desire could fit the reality?

    I think this is an awesome way for you to celebrate your quarter birthday. I hope you have lots of friends join you and you have a great time!

    (And I hope John doesn't regret saying there won't be half-birthday celebrations next year. What game might he miss then?!?)

  3. Hmmm... this is the first I've heard of the movie. Sounds intriguing. Let me see where I'm at as it gets closer, but I may be interested in joining you! (I know, that's not a very definitive answer, but it's the best I can do with my scrambled brains!)

  4. I may just have to bust out my old MJ little rhinestone glove necklace I wore back in the day. I'm in.

  5. I can just picture you all there having a blast together. Have fun!

  6. If I didn't have a baby attached to me, I would be there.